Break Through In GF Baking Technology

Springville, UT

5:04 PM 2/28/23

Due to a breakthrough in baking technology Good Hope Bakery is able to make Gluten Free cookies and brownies that taste as good or better than gluten cookies and brownies. We’ve tested them on 100’s of people that are able to eat gluten, and almost every single one of them can’t tell they are gluten free. In fact, many gluten eaters prefer these cookies to traditional gluten filled cookies.

The technological breakthrough allows the cookies to be soft yet firm without the need for gums and binders typically used in gluten free products. Thousands of people with celiacs or gluten intolerance have said Good Hope Bakery makes “the best gluten free cookies they’ve ever had.”

Good Hope Bakery is quite literally sweeping the nation. Based in Springville Utah, it ships nationwide and can be found on the shelves of local bakeries throughout Utah, with plans to expand outside the state soon.

“Good Hope” currently bakes 3 different cookies and a brownie. The brownie is not only gluten-free, but is also dairy free. They plan to release additional products in the coming months.

Good Hope Bakery is a dedicated gluten free facility.

For first time customers Good Hope offers a free sample pack for those that are willing to pay shipping.